Haryana women to get the water from the newly built bore well in North India.

We have inaugurated the Nerchowk Village Bore well project on the 30th of January 2016, in Haryana, North India. They did not have any water resources in this villages and people used to carry drinking water from other villages or from cities. Life was very difficult and the people suffered many different kinds of sicknesses. The children especially suffered greatly from illnesses. In developed nations people are richly blessed to almost always have good pure drinking water, but it’s not always the case in many nations. Praise God that these poor, lower caste people have the privilege of having safe drinking water now. Our Missionary in this village so very excited and we know that this will open the doors to share more and more about The Living Water Jesus. Many people who opposed our missionary over the past few months for preaching gospel in this village, came and thanked him today for giving them pure drinking water in their village. Everyone in the village were so excited to see this well and for them and their children and for generations to come it was a big dream come true. Here are some of the testimonies from Nerchowk Village.

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